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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Yes Bank : An Attempt through Astrological Insights : Doomed or Bloomed ? Rana Kapoor or Ravneet Gill ?

Following is the Corporate Horoscope of Yes Bank. The day & place the bank was founded is taken as the birth details for making of the horoscope. Asc is being analysed from Moon Asc and specifically taken post 9 AM and before 6PM (office hours).

Virgo is Moon Sign. We find that 4th from Virgo is aspected by Saturn from Gemini sign and Rahu from Aries. Hence, Sagittarius sign is highly afflicted. Further, Mandi also occupies during the day of incorporation of the bank assuming working office hours.4th house is the house of masses and it connects with the general public. 

In Transit Saturn and Ketu both have been occupying it since March 2019. In March the stock price was ruling at more than 280 and it fell to low of 29 in October 1st week. No doubt the impact the Yes Bank is going through is more of an impact of almost death inflicting planets and a phase of Die or Revive. 

4th house is the house of masses and the company should have to positively connect with the masses and more so for a bank who has to deal with general public. It will happen once the negative influences are removed from this Sagittarius sign. Jupiter transit to Sagittarius would commence in End Oct/Nov 2019. and it would largely diminish this negative impacts. Post Jan 2020, Saturn would also move from Sagittarius to Capricorn which will all the more relieving for Yes Bank. Around November 2019 to March 2020, there will be highly abrupt movement in the prices of this stock and investors of Yes Bank would keep getting the positive news.  Low of 29 made translates to Krittika Nakshtra first Navamsha Pada. Ideally it should have touched Bharani Nakshatra 4th pada which translates to 23.60 to 26.65. Aries 25 degrees translating to price of 25 is again a important point where in Natal chart whereabout Rahu is also posited. 

Immediate Important Dates for Yes Bank which one should watch out for is 
  1. 9th Oct 2019
  2. 24th Oct 2019
  3. 4th Nov 2019
  4. 21st Nov 2019
  5. 29th Nov 2019
  6. 18th Dec 2019 (15th to 25th Dec entirely is imp)
  7. 14th Jan 2020
  8. 21st Jan 2020
  9. 3rd Feb 2020 (31st Jan 2020 to Feb 13th 2020 entirely is imp)
  10. 16th Feb 2020
  11. 28th March 2020

Jupiter had crossed 25 degrees at natal Ketu/Trine Rahu, when the stock made a high of 405 on Sept 20,2018. On 2nd April 2019, Saturn was degrecally in trine with Rahu when price reversed from highs of 282

Rana Kapoor OR Ravneet Singh Gill ?
  • Yes Bank aggregates to 19 which is symbolic of Number 1 and planet Sun. 
  • Rana Kapoor aggregates to 36 which equivalents to Number 9 and symbols Mars planet. Further, Rana Kapoor date of birth as available is 9/9/1957. So his Birth date number is also 9 and Destiny number is 40 representing Rahu. Number 9 does makes a person super aggressive getting Martian qualities however, with destiny number 40 , Rahu also brings about destruction in such aggression. Its a cycle and it begins and it also gets completed. 
  • Ravneet Singh Gill: I couldn`t find the date of birth however, his name number is 55 equivalent to 1 and Sun. Sun represents creation and maintenance and spreading light. It also goes in Sync with Yes Bank number of 1. 

Hence, it can be fairly deduced that Ravneet Singh Gill will do more constructive activities for investors of Yes Bank in Long term and in line with organisational strategies and objectives.

Further, 20th year of the Yes Bank will be a major year. So between Nov 2022 to Nov 2023, something significant may happen with Yes Bank as an organisation.

Disclaimer: This article is only an attempt to gain insight of the situation of the publicly known bank through applying principles of Astrology and these are only important and relevant for Students of Astrology. There is no recommendation on the buying or selling of the stock or any other opinion with a view to make financial or non-financial gain or loss.

Friday, September 13, 2019



Sridevi, Born, 13 August 1963 was an Indian actress and producer, who worked in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada films. She was the recipient of various accolades, including the National Film Award, Padma Shri award, National Filmfare awards etc. She was married to the film producer Boney Kapoor, with whom she had two children. 

"On 24 February 2018, Sridevi was found dead in her guest room at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The official coroner's report showed that she had accidentally drowned in the bathtub, with unconsciousness cited as a contributing factor.

On 20 February 2018, Sridevi and her youngest daughter Khushi had flown to Al Jazirah Al Hamra in Ras al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, to attend the wedding of her nephew Mohit Marwah. She decided to spend a couple of days in Dubai to shop for her eldest daughter Janhvi Kapoor's 21st birthday, after the wedding. Her husband Boney Kapoor was not present with them on the wedding day as he had to attend a meeting in Lucknow on 22nd February. However he had already planned a surprise visit to his wife, with whom he spoke on the morning of 24 February, when she told him that "Papa (that's how Sridevi addressed Boney), I'm missing you. According to Boney Kapoor, he took a 15:30 flight to Dubai and reached Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel around 18:20 (Dubai time) in room 2201 where the actress was staying. As per Mr. Kapoor, She and Boney Kapoor briefly met and chatted for half an-hour or so. Afterwards they decided to have dinner. Sridevi went to bathe and to get dressed for dinner, while Kapoor waited in a living room. After 15–20 minutes, around 19:00, he called out to the actress as they were getting late but was unable to get a response. Kapoor went to knock on the bathroom door, which had not been locked from inside, and sensed that something was wrong. He opened the door and found the actress completely immersed and unresponsive in the bathtub. It remained unclear whether Sridevi fell unconscious after or before the drowning. He immediately called his friends who were shocked to know that Sridevi had died.

Sridevi was pronounced dead on 24 February 2018 at 19:00 GMT at her hotel room where her husband had found her (as per Boney Kapoor). At first, it was announced by her brother in-law Sanjay Kapoor to the Indian media that the cause of death was a cardiac arrest, but the investigation to her death began early Sunday morning around 2:30, and the case was transferred to Dubai Public Prosecution by Dubai Police, where General Department of Forensic Evidence, Dubai revealed that the cause of death was "accidental drowning". The toxicology report later also revealed that traces of alcohol were found in her body, and water was found in her lungs."

Now even for a laymen, it will raise huge suspicion on the manner she passed away and the way things proceeded and linking the events. I would put my analysis of her Horoscope and enumerate detail on how the death was activated as far as Vedic Astrology is concerned.

Sridevi`s Horoscope is given below: 
Sridevi was born in Cancer ascendant which is a watery sign. She was born in Sagitarrius Navamsha. Jupiter and Saturn aspects the ascendant and Sun & Venus already placed in Ascendant. Asc lord Moon is exalted in 11th house. Hence, Moon and Cancer makes the person highly emotional and sensitive person. Due to exchange of Moon and Venus and strong Mars in 3rd house being lord of 5th house (house of acting), she became a famous actress. However, due to the emotional and sensitive nature, these kind of people get depressed very easily in life if there are any problems going on. In a fit of emotion, these kind of people can take any kind of extreme steps which they may have to regret later in life.

Longevity Analysis

For calculating or arriving at the age and mode of death, it is possible through Astrology & especially when you are doing the analysis in the hindsight. So here goes the technical details explaining the reasons for death and also explaining her age of 54.51 years.

Sun, Moon & Jupiter all are in Navamsha sign which is 8th house sign in Rashi Chart. As per method of Amsayu calculation, the longevity is Medium (more than 32 but less than 60). There are various methods in Astrology, wherein you can derive the age to the point as well. It is very complex calculation, and varies from person to person depending upon each horoscope. In Sridevi`s horoscope, the number of Navamshas passed on by Sun from Saturn is 55. Hence, the 55th year is the possible year of death. As per detailed calculation, the age of SriDevi was coming at exact 54.51 years which if calculated mathematically comes on 27th February 2018 wherein the actual death happened on 24th February 2018.

Jeeva Rashi is occupied by Rahu in 12th house. Mrityu point in the chart is at Sagitarrius 21.5 degrees. When we calculate the distance between Rahu and this Mrityu point, it is coming to 185.12 degrees. If we divide the same by one Navamsha degree, we get 55.54 approx. It is exactly the age at which death happened.

10th house is also 2nd from Arudha Lagna gaining double marak (killing) being also 8th from 3rd house. Jeeva Karaka is Jupiter & Mar`s aspect on Pisces is the worst, even worse than aspect on its debilitated sign Cancer.

Timing of Death by Dasha analysis

Mostly we only predict basis Vimshottari Dasha which is very difficult to analyse. However, it must be seen as to which Dasha shall primarily be applicable for the horoscope. In this horoscope, since Sun is in the Asc, Shashtihayani Dasha is applicable apart from others. Briefly analysis of major applicable dashas running at the time of death is given below:
  • Shashtihayani Dasha- (Primarily applicable dasha) - Running dasha at time of birth : Jupiter-Mars-Mars- Jupiter : Mars is Lord of 10th house which is 8th from 3rd House. Also Mars is placed in 3rd House in Virgo, hence it has strong capability to kill the person. Virgo Mars is always very very strong and its aspect on Pisces is worse then debilitated aspect. Mars have made the Jeev Karaka planet Jupiter very afflicted.
  • Vimshottari Dasha- Saturn-Saturn-Sun- All are prabal markesh as per the horoscope. 7th house cusp also falls under Mrityu Bhag and hence Saturn is the most malefic planet.
  • KaalChakra Dasha- Aquarius-Aries : Again dasha of 8th house (death) and 10th House running.
  • Shoola Dasha (used for predicting longevity) - Capricorn- Capricorn- Pisces : Capricorn is again in 7th house which is a house of Loss of life & prabal maarkesh.
  • Niryaana Shoola Dasha (used for timing death) also 8th house Aquarius running.
  • Padanaathaamsa Dasa- Virgo- Aries - Aries : 3rd & 10th house combination which are all Marak or killing.
Similarly you can check all the applicable dasha on the horoscope and the results must clearly be indicated by them.

Planetary Transit Check

Saturn was transiting in 8th from Moon in Lagna Chart at 12.2 degrees. This point is highly inauspicious as per her horoscope & whenever Saturn in its transit passes at this point and if minimum Ayukhand has been crossed, it causes the native to attain death. Saturn`s Navamsha transit was in 8th house of the Navamsha chart. Rahu (the planet occupying Jeeva Rashi) was transiting exactly at Asc Cusp & degreecally Ketu being 12th of Gulika. Mercury the lord of 3rd house was transiting the 64th Navamsha from Asc.

Astakvarga Transits Check: Saturn in Sun`s Kakshya without any auspicious bindu , Venus (being dispositor of lagna Lord & aspected by 8th lord) transiting Mercury Kakshya without any auspicious Bindu, Mars transiting in Kakshya of Asc Lord Moon without any Bindu. All these transits of key planets indicate lack of any auspiciousness and connection with 8th house indicates danger given the age wasnt more than 55.

Place of death

Presence of 8th lord in Moveable sign indicate death in a foreign country /away from her home. Venus (luxury) aspected by 8th lord and having exchange with Moon in Ascendant also indicates death at a place of luxury for example hotel etc.

Cause of Death- Unfolding The Mystery

Ascendant is in watery sign and placement of Venus afflicted (being aspected by Saturn /8th house lord) suggests that the person will have her last breath in or near water. Lagna Lord Moon though exalted isn`t aspected by any benefic planet but all the more under influence from Rahu. When 8th lord Saturn is aspecting Sun & Venus, it is said that the person gets hit in head accidentally and dies at or near water body (Capricorn where 8th Lord Saturn is placed is also signifying restricted water space or pond). Saturn has the capability to inflicts death on water or by typhoid etc.

In the horoscope of Sridevi, the lord of Ascendant is in the Navamsha rasi which falls in 8th house of Asc chart. In her horoscope, not only Moon but Sun as well as Jeeva karaka Jupiter is in the Aquarius Navamsha. It not only signifies medium longevity but also that there will be no blood relative by her side at the moment of her death & Manner of death shall be 100% accidental. So it is clear that she had actually passed away when she was alone in bathroom. It is amply clear that Boney Kapoor nor any other relative had any physical involvement in the demise of Sridevi and that it was a clear accidental death. Note the Sun is also transiting through Aquarius sign when the death happened.

Whether “Accidental” Suicide
Saturn in transit as explained above indicates that Sridevi was under severe stress over last few months and the dasha running signifies ongoing excess expenditures. Mars over and above in transit was opposite Moon which means that the anxiety had increased all the more over last 25 days. Overall for her, she had been under severe anxiety and a little ignorance by lot of close people. While Saturn is under severe affliction, and it does give native high thoughts for suicidal attempts, but the mode of death isn`t a suicide case. Given the very sensitive nature of the person, the flow of emotions is always very high during above normal good or bad times. In a fit of emotional flow, she would have got intoxicated more then what was required and because of intoxication or over intoxication she would have caught into the accident of falling inside the bath tub which cause the death.


There is no involvement of 3rd person in the death of Sridevi and there is no attempt of murder by any 3rd person. It is purely an accidental death. Accident can also happen when when severely intoxicated and taken under severe stress or under emotional fit with negative thoughts only. It is likely that she would have been under stress or under emotional dis-agreement with any family person and under this fit she would have taken excess intoxication. Post when in the bathroom, she would have fallen by her head on the bath tub which would already be filled up and lost consciousness and gets drowned accidentally ending the life of this legendary “Hawa Hawai” actress.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Can Astrology Predict Longevity & Age ?

Indian Vedic Astrology can surely predict even the date and hours of the death of a person. Death is a transformation, a major transformation for one`s soul. It is a transformation of soul wherein it leaves one body and enters another or gets Moksha. Our ancient Saints/Rishis have provided us with many kind of techniques and methods to determine the longevity of a person. The date of death is also predictable however astrologer needs to be adept in finding out the same and the horoscope must be accurate to the second. I am just highlighting horoscope of Indira Gandhi and explaining briefly how an astrologer checks the happening of this event. Its a post-facto analysis, and as an astrologer we do not ever predict before hand to the native on his longevity, even though an astrologer may see it clearly in the horoscope. The explanations used below are just tip of the ice as too many complex analysis is required and employing methods to find the exact age.

Chart of Indira Gandhi

Above is the chart of Indira Gandhi- Cancer Ascendant at 25.7 degrees.

Saturn, the lord of 7th (marak house) & 8th (house of longevity) is situated in the Ascendant. She was running 67th year of her age on the day she was assassinated ( 30th Oct 1984) just 19 days behind the completion of 67th year. As per methods to find age, her longevity is coming at min 66.98 years and (Long to Medium age).

Now first lets gaze which all planets are capable of inflicting death on the native. Lord of 2nd and 7th house are strongest in inflicting death. However, Sun generally do not cause these extreme circumstance and hence Saturn remains very strong marak. Venus is lord of 64th Navamsha from Moon as well as Ascendant & also Lord of 22nd Drekkana from Asc. Hence, Venus is Very Strong Marak planet for her. Rahu is in 6th house conjunct with Venus and hence Rahu has absorbed strong Marak power from Venus plus Rahu is in Mrityu Bhaag which makes Rahu a very deadly marak. 67th year of age activates the 7th house which is again a Marak house. 

Dasha Running at the time of Death
It may be seen that at the time of her death dasha running was Saturn / Rahu/ Rahu/ Venus. Hence, It is a prabal marak time as already explained how Saturn/Rahu/Venus are strong Maraka planets and they become strong karaka for inflicting Death in her horoscope. 2nd Part of Saturn dasha is strongly issuing effects of 7th house which again is a Marak.

Transit Check
Remember, Honorable C S Patel sir`s dictum, “Whenever lord of 64th Navamsha to Moon and Lord of 22nd Drekkana to Asc planets happen to transit a point deprived of an auspicious bindu after 2 sodhanas are carried out and if that KAKSHYA happens to be owned by transiting planets, DEATH is unavoidable”. On the date of death 31st October 1984, Venus was travelling at 18 degree 15 minutes at Scorpion. Venus being both as qualified by Patel Saheb, is transiting its own Kakshya and at the same point there is no auspicious bindu contributed by Venus. Further, 8 out of 9 planets on 31st October 1984 were transiting the Kakshya of those planets which havent donated auspicious bindu to the transiting planet. Saturn is transiting at Libra and Rahu is transiting in Taurus- both the signs owned by Venus. Rahu Venus also mutually aspecting each other in transit giving strength to Rahu. Saturn further aspecting the Lagna. Saturn in Navamsha is transiting the Taurus navamsha which is 64th Navamsha from Moon. Hence, transit wise strong position of the planets inflicting strong marak effect on the native.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

What is Sun ? Insight Into Effects of Sun in a Horoscope

Sun is the King of all planets. Without Sun there would be no existence of any other planet. This is a basic astronomy and we all know that all the other planets revolves around the Sun and Sun is the center of attraction-a ball full of energy. If there is no energy or light, there is no potential life in any of the planets and there would definitely be no life on Earth. Sun is to the horoscope what Soul is to a Body !

Sun is owner of zodiac sign Leo. Sign Leo also represents East &; Sun also rises in the East. Sun gets exalted in Aries and debilitated in Libra. Sun is a Ball of Fire bubbling with energy.

Sun is also father of Saturn. There is lack of cordial relationship between Saturn and Sun and hence in Vedic Astrology whenever we find affliction in a horoscope there exist situation where the native does not enjoy good relation with his father or he does not enjoy happiness of father or natives father doesn't live long in case of serious affliction.

Sun as the description suggests also denotes relation with King or any relation with the Government. While analyzing for government job it is very essential to see Position of Sun (King) and Saturn (significant of Karma, work etc) and Sun`s natural ownership zodiac sign Leo. Since, in Naisargic horoscope Leo is ruled in the 5th house, we must also take into consideration 5th house & 10th House being house of Karma/work.

Sun is a planet full of energies and fire. Hence, accordingly results are derived in the horoscope. If Sun is in Ascendant in 1st house, then the person is full of energy provided also that Sun remains un-afflicted. It also makes a person headstrong and full of confidence and bring arrogance. Similarly, weak sun represents lack of confidence in the person. Sun`s placement in 7th house means the married life is generally full of issues and the native may not enjoy the comforts of his/her partner fully. This is because sun burns the activities denoted by the house.

Sun is the center of entire universe and similarly it represents Heart in a human body. A weak/afflicted Sun would mean that there may be weakness in heart or capacity of pumping in a horoscope may be lower, etc. In my experience, i found that even Exalted Sun in 4th house afflicted by Ketu, the heart transplant happened when Saturn transited the 64th Navamsha from Sun. Sun has effect on being bald, inflammable issues in stomach, problems in bones, eyes, brain, causes fever, typhoid, brain disorders, nose and throat diseases, diarrhoea etc. Hence, remedies of sun is important to alleviate any diseases affected due to affliction of Sun in horoscope.

Sun is the planet which brings name & fame to the native. Sun`s strong placement is essential for natives looking for powerful position or political strength. Hence, in politicians horoscope we see strength of Sun and extent to which one would be successful in politics. Also in palmistry, a good sun line would mean a highly confident person and that he would be lucky and famous.

Sun is also a key planet in determining the strength of the horoscope and consequentially effect on longevity.                                                                                                                                                                           

Sun God is depicted in Indian mythology as riding a chariot harnessed by seven horses, which represent the seven colors of light and seven days in a week.

Sun`s stone is Ruby and one may be advised to wear ruby stone to strengthen the Sun and its effects on self. However, one must take an expert advise from an astrologer before wearing any stone or performing remedies.

Sun is such a key planet, you can write for ages about it. We would write more about Sun at a later time along with more examples and explanations in a horoscope. 

Monday, June 24, 2019

Would MS Dhoni Retire once he enters 39th Year of Life on July 7, 2019 ?

MS Dhoni is Virgo Ascendant at 12.5 degrees. On 7th July 2019, Dhoni shall enter into 39th year.

Effect is that Venus shall get activated for 1 month approx. from July 7th and post that Mars shall get activated. In D12 chart, Mars is with Ketu the planet of separation and exit and Venus with Saturn. In D10 chart, further 3rd house is occupied by Ketu.  Venus is also posited in 11th house in natal chart, which is the house of retirement. Further, Mars is also in the 11th house to 11th.  Hence, Mars is also capable to give result relating to 11th house. 

Dasha : Dhoni is running Rahu/Moon dasha and with dasha progression, Moon is getting activated around 23rd October -5th November 2019. Further Rahu/Moon/Ketu and then Rahu/Moon/Venus is running from end JUNE 2019 to NOV 2019. It is in this period MS Dhoni will occupy his thoughts with decision to retire.                                                                                                                          
Transit : Saturn is transiting on 4th house which is opposite to Sun and 8th to Mars. Hence, Saturn is absorbing the power of both the energy giving planets. Saturn remains there till Jan 2020. Since last 1.5-2 years, Dhoni`s performance hasn’t been great and he is inviting critics which is lack of fame (Sun).  Saturn in Astakvarga is devoid of ausipicious Bindu in 4th house from planets such as Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. In transit, whenever Saturn is in these planet`s kakshya the retirement or bad performance shall get triggered. Saturn is now destined to travel to only Moon`s Kakshya which is from Mid July to Sept 1st and then again from Oct 4th to Nov 16th 2019. Mars is further transiting in Virgo from Sept end to Nov 9th 2019 which shall cause severe anxiety to MS Dhoni. Mars & Moon both getting stronger and Saturn`s transit signifies likeliness of MS Dhoni`s retirement around the time period mentioned above. Hence, it can be inferred that Dhoni`s retirement from Cricket is in all likelihood to happen in the 39th year only around July to Nov 2019. 

Rest all is God.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Sonia Gandhi Horoscope

Below is the horoscope of Sonia Gandhi. It is Cancer Ascendant at 27 degrees and Pisces Navamsha. Asc is in Aslesha nakshatra owned by Mercury. During the periods of her life when Mercury controlled or was activated, she had been politically very strong and consequentially till 2013 -2014 the Congress ruled over. Saturn`s presence in Ascendant in Cancer indicates very shrewd and sharp mind. Saturns BAV is worth to watch and the 7th house in BAV is devoid of any auspicious bindu. Saturn`s transit through the Capricorn post Feb 2020 till 2021 mid would result in dreadful times and would be equivalent to dealth like conditions (restriction of movements, severe anxiety etc) (crux at Dec 17, 2020). Specially when Saturn transits through its own Kakshya which would be around 12 degrees and again till 19-20 degrees of Capricorn, it shall be very painful.